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hi there 👋🏽, i'm

Sanam Pakuwal

A Jhapa, Nepal based self-taught full-stack developer who focus on making something awesome!

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Who is Sanam?

About Me

I'm passionate about deciphering challenging problems and creating exceptional digital experience.

As I've grown as a developer, I've contributed to projects and worked with other developers to create working applications and have written code that are maintainable and easy to understand.

Through my studies, I've gained a solid understanding of web development concepts, and have dedicated a lot of time to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios and applications.

When I'm not trying to build, learning, exploring and thinking about how to make things better, you can catch me watching football matches.

My Skills

My tech stacks

I've been working in the diverse technologies frequently, currently I'm learning about Vue and here are a few technologies I have been working with

  •   HTML
  •   CSS
  •   JavaScript
  •   TypeScript
  •   SCSS
  •   C#
  •   .NET
  •   Git
  •   Database
  •   MSSQL
  •   PostgreSQL
  •   Excel
  •   Powershell
  •   React
  • Cypress
  • Playwright
  •   And many more .................

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Feel free to reach out if you're looking to hire, just want to connect or see if we can build something amazing together

Get in touch → (or copy) [email protected]